Journals & EBooks started it's journey with a team of young professionals who aim to cater the requirements of every individual wishing to publish their Articles or E-Books economically. Having done through research in various segments on online publications’, we intend to come up with new and interesting yet friendly features which help every individual to publish online through the simple and transparent system. Journals & EBooks will be first of its kind in future to bring in new and innovative features which can change the shape of future publication model to encourage a number of people to come up with their research papers, in return these researches might help the society through individual advancement.

Journals & EBooks implements strict, transparent and step by step process of publication through which every person will be given a fair chance with a systematic process flow. The author can know the status of publication at every stage of process completion. We encourage people to come up with unique researches and strictly prohibit modified or copied researches. If any individual is found to do such practices will have to face all legal consequences.

Journals & EBooks will be more interested in building a better global society than making money. Keeping this as our main standpoint for the rest of our journey, we will come up with more and more new models of publications as and when required. We are planning to form a special cell which will check the research paper thoroughly apart from our peer-reviewed and editorial members screening. This three-layer screening will help us to publish genuine and worthy publications. It is the same systematic procedure we will follow to all our publications.

Journals & EBooks doesn't bound itself listing specific topics. We are open and give every individual an open hand to select their own dream research and get it published. We made our publication process as simple as possible which helps even a novice who can understand and do it by himself. Our support team is available round the clock to assist you in all possible ways to make your publication process smooth and secured.

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